EUSEM Academy

Dear National Society Representatives,

Since we are all so engaged at the moment with EUSEM, I would like to take the opportunity to present to you the EUSEM Academy:   

The platform is a topic based platform very suitable for study purposes and for anyone interested in EM.

You all have a EUSEM account you can login with. Anyone without a EUSEM profile can create a free profile on the page, and login with those credentials and have access to most of the content. Some content is accessible only for EUSEM members and Congress participants.

I’m asking you to support the academy by promoting it on your website, newsletter or student platform, because this is a treasure of free learning materials for everyone.

I will send you a demo video of around 6 minutes as well with wetransfer. This is not to share, but just for your understanding how the platform works.

I hope you can support us with this, because in the end it is for the students to get access.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Willemijn van Hees
Project Manager

European Society for Emergency Medicine
Antwerpsesteenweg 124 B27
B – 2630 Aartselaar
T: +32 3 870 46 17