ERC Newsletter - November 2013


Free Article & Editorial of the month

The November FREE EDITORIAL of the month is Can survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest be predicted from a victim's carbon emissions? (Scott T. Youngquist).

The November FREE ARTICLE of the month is The formula for survival in resuscitation (Eldar Sřreide, Laurie Morrison, Ken Hillman, Koen Monsieurs, Kjetil Sunde, David Zideman, Mickey Eisenberg, Fritz Sterz, Vinay M. Nadkarni, Jasmeet Soar, Jerry P. Nolan, Utstein Formula for Survival Collaborators).

Resuscitation 2013

Over 800 people attended this very successful ERC symposium! 

For those who want to relive the atmosphere of the Hands-on sessions, poster tours, CPR competition and so on, you can see all the pictures here and the videos here

The available abstracts and posters can be downloaded here. 

Resuscitation 2014 - The Pathway to Guidelines

Mark your calendar for Bilbao, Spain: 15-17 May 2014.
Our traditional congress month has been advanced from October to May to create an opportunity for you to come and discuss the new Guidelines before they are finalised. 

What should be kept? What should change?
Come to Bilbao and share your opinion and ideas with key leaders of the process.
This time, we listen to you!

More information on our website

Important deadlines
30 December 2013 - Peter Baskett Bursary
15 January 2013 - Abstract Submission
15 March 2013 - Early registration
5 May 2013 - Late registration

Restart a Heart Day

The first annual European Restart a Heart day was a huge success!

National Councils all around Europe organised trainings, demonstrations and promo events and taught hundreds of thousands of people CPR. In Germany, a group of 12.000 children were simultaneously taught CPR, and in Poland they went on to break this record by holding a CPR demonstration involving 90.000 children.

ERC organised an event in the European Parliament to support their efforts to spread CPR education across Europe. During this event, two German teenagers taught European Commissioner Tonio Borg to perform CPR. You can find photos of the day on Facebook. The walls of the Parliament were decorated with photos of children all over Europe performing CPR, and we thank our Facebook fans for providing these beautiful and inspiring photos.

More than 20 countries organised events to celebrate Restart a Heart day and you can see some of them here. You can also see some of the specially-created videos here.We would like to thank everyone who worked hard to promote the day, to train the children and to spread the three important messages that are central to the day:

          - Your hands can save lives.
          - CPR is easy to learn, children can do it.
          - Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Of course these actions are not limited to this one day. If you would like to organise a training event, please feel free to use the Restart a Heart material. The flyers and posters have been translated into Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish! Download them here. The flyers describe the basic steps needed to perform successful CPR.

Spread the word! CALL – PUMP – SHOCK – SMILE

European Restart a Heart day 16 Oct 2014 will be organised around the theme
"Saving loved ones"
, save it in your diary and get involved!

CPR/AED videos

We are delighted to present our two brand new CPR/AED videos.
These videos are the next step in making high quality resuscitation available to all, presenting a demonstration of single-rescuer CPR and AED skills which can be used during CPR/AED courses. A second sequence is shown at the end of each video to demonstrate how to perform these skills as a two-person team.

You can find the CPR video using an Ambu mannequin at this link and the version with a Laerdal mannequin here.

We would like to thank everyone whose hard work went into making these videos such high quality! 

Peter Baskett Bursary - Resuscitation 2014, Bilbao

The ERC, together with the Laerdal Foundation, have established a bursary in order to make it possible for ERC instructors from countries with a lower Gross National Income or those not being financially able, to participate in ERC conferences.

The Bursary will also apply for the ERC Congress in Bilbao (15-17 May 2014).
All information regarding the Peter Baskett Bursary applications for Resuscitation 2014 can be found here.