ERC Newsletter - December 2012


Free Editorial and Article of the month

The December Free Editorial of the Month is Optimizing oxygenation and ventilation after cardiac arrest in "little adults" (Patrick M. Kochanek, Hülya Bayir)

The December Free Article of the Month is Acute coronary angiography in patients resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest—A systematic review and meta-analysis (Jacob Moesgaard Larsen, Jan Ravkilde)

Resuscitation 2012 in Vienna, Austria

From 18 to 20 October 2012 ERC hosted its congress on Resuscitation. Those who were there enjoyed the science, networking, exhibition and the entire athmosphere.
For those who missed it, or those who could not attend all the sessions they wanted, the Social Media Team of ERC (lead by Dr Michael Hüpfl) recorded and published the majority of all the sessions. You can watch them for free here.

ERC Symposium on Outcomes. Krakow, Poland 25-26 October 2013

Celebrating the 25-year anniversary of the ERC, the Krakow symposium will focus on Outcomes and provide a refreshing change to previous conferences with increased focus on practical hands on advanced skill training, educational workshops, small group work and meet the expert sessions. Try your hand at the international CPR competition, seize the opportunity to network with international experts and present your research to key opinion leaders. Krakow promises to be the most exciting ERC symposium yet!

New leadership in the ERC

On October 20,2012, Dr Bernd Böttiger from Cologne, Germany passed the chairmanship over to Dr Maaret Castren. In her acceptance speach she pointed out that this is the first time a woman and a nurse will be the chair of our organisation. Today Dr Castrén is a also physician and runs an interprofessionall research and education group at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden and Turku University, Finland. The Formula of Survival is her leading concept and she works to improve all parts of the chain of survival. Not only in research but also in education.

New Honorary Members and new Fellows of the ERC

During the congress in Vienna, the ERC honoured 5 scientists who have distinguished themselves in the field of resuscitation and rewarded them with a Honorary Membership.

Lance Becker (US)
Bernd Böttiger (Germany)
Ian Jacobs (Australia)
Rudy Koster (Netherlands)
Kazuo Okada (Japan)

Also during the congress, 7 new Fellows of the ERC (FERC) were admitted:

Souhail Alouini (Tunisia)
Antonio Caballero (Italy)
Manrico Gianolio (Italy)
Lim Swee Han (Singapore)
Robert Neumar (US)
Leif Svensson (Norway)
Anatolij Truhlar (Czech republic)

AEDEM – AED European Map

AEDEM – AED European Map is a project initiated by Dr. Violetta Raffay and Mr. Jerzy Jaskuła .
The aim is to create complete map localizing all Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in public places available across Europe.
For the time being, the task has been successfully executed in Poland and the database has been included in the mobile application “Save Life” which guides the users step by step through cardiopulmonary resuscitation algorithm (CPR) in case of cardiac arrest, based on current ERC Guidelines.
The project is also supported by the Save Life Foundation, Poland.
Some of the countries within ERC network already confirmed their contribution and support to this project.
Everyone can participate in creation of a national AED Map. Should you know any location not included in "Save Life" database, please follow the link and fill in the prepared form.
For additional information, please contact us at and visit



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